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Franz Feistl


Franz Feistl, a painter from Aschau in Chiemgau, has been a friend of the Museum for many years. The museum management and artists have been developing fascinating pictures of life in bygone ages. Countless special exhibitions with works by Franz Feistl have been a great success. The animal paintings on the facade of the museum are his latest work and clearly portray the most important museum exhibits. They appear to be almost the opposite of the picture of a stone age village on the east side of the museum. In the SteinZeitGarten he presents the illusion of peace and comfort amidst a raw ice age landscape. As you walk through the museum you come often across paintings by Franz Feistl. Here you only get a taste of his work. You can find out more on his website:

Walter Angerer der Jüngere

The renowned artist Angerer der Jüngere lives in Siegsdorf and is well known for his sculptures in the so called “Fraßbildtechnik” - a technique using feeding pattern traces of certain beetles.

Karin Wein

The sculptress Karin Wein resides in Siegsdorf. You can find her works at central locations in the town. Minnesänger Tannhäuser (13th century German poet) and the water bowl from the Siegdorf coat of arms have been skilfully cast in bronze. The water spewing ammonite in the museum forecourt is another example of her work.

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