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Museum Training Room

Two years of the pandemic have also led to changes for us. However, one thing has remained unchanged: our first-class museum tours!

They are run by women volunteers who all stand in the middle of life. Well trained, not only in regular in-house training courses, they have a great deal of knowledge from a wide range of disciplines. This makes it easy for them to link the many topics in the museum and to put them into understandable words. Of course, the words may sound different on a guided tour for children than on a guided tour for adults. Inevitably, and appreciated by the guests, the Bavarian language is used. Like the mammoth, the ladies come from Chiemgau and like living here.

Enjoy the pleasure of such a guided tour. You will be charmingly guided through the museum. You will learn exciting background knowledge and interesting details. You listen, marvel and learn the best about the museum's contents at first hand.

Our tours in detail

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Children above the age of 5
Family groups

Tour “normal”

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Tour Alps-Glacier- Special

Fuehrung Alpen-Gletscher-Spezial More Info

Tour with fire

Fuehrung mit Feuer More Info

Tour "XL"

Fuehrung XL More Info

Stone Age Introductory Course

Steinzeit Schnupperkurs More Info

The small programme

Kindergeburtstag More Info

Stone Age Excursion

Stone Age Excursion More Info

We are happy to arrange special programmes for groups with particular needs such as schools for children with learning difficulties, kindergartens, club excursions, teacher training courses, or simply visitors with special wishes. Please call us: Tel. 0160 666 2321 or 08662 13316.


Our booking calender is always well filled and some reservations are made a long time in advance. Please call us: Tel. +49(0)160 666 2321 or +49(0)8662 13316 and we can talk directly about your preferred date and programme.

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Tour “normal”

A journey through 250 million years of geological history. The origin of the Alps forms the basis. In the 'Underwater World' you can experience a wealth of fossils from a pre-historic sea – ranging from single-cell organisms the size of a coin to life-size sharks. The largest and best preserved skeleton of a woolly mammoth in the whole of Europe is the focus of attention in the fascinating “World of the Ice Age” .After passing the cave bear you come to the part of the cave that shows evidence of human life. A copper axe à la “Oetzi” concludes the exhibition on a high note.

The tour fee is 30,00 €, plus the entry fee pro person: adults 9.00 €, children/pupils 4.50 €.
Duration: 1 hour

A group is comprised of up to 25 persons (School classes up to 33 persons). These tours can accommodate up to three or four groups at the same time.

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Tour Alps-Glacier- Special

This tour provides detailed information about the formation of the Alps as well as how a glacier works. It is well suited for secondary school groups (with work sheets), or for visitors who want to get a deeper understanding of these fascinating processes.

The tour fee is 30.00 €, + entry fee pro person: adults 9.00 €, children/pupils 4.50 €.
Duration: 1 hour

A group is comprised of up to 30 persons (School classes up to 33 persons). “Alps-Glacier-Special” tours can accommodate two groups at the same time.

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Tour with fire

Making fire is always fascinating. It is even more exciting when you don't have a box of matches. After completing the “normal” one hour tour (see above), we demonstrate how fire can be made using stone-age methods: first the simple method with flint stone and tinder, and then a more strenuous way with a fiddle bow and a fire-drill made out of the right wood.

The tour fee is 45.00 €, + the entry fee pro person: adults 9.00 €, children/pupils 4.50 €.
Duration: 1.5 hours.

A group is comprised of up to 25 persons (School classes up to 33 persons). “Tour with fire” tours can accommodate up to 3 groups at the same time.

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Stone Age Introductory Course 2.0

The classic among museum education programmes. For all types of schools, from Year 3. Supports the curriculum.

Four key points characterise the course. A detailed museum tour of the Ice Age and Stone Age, learning about unusual raw materials (using replica objects), using flint as a practical and creative tool and making fire without modern tools.

The course lasts 2 hours. Two classes can be assisted at the same time. The course fee is €70.00 + material fee €12.00 (for the whole class) + admission per pupil €5.50. Teachers and tutors have free admission.

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Tour "XL"

A very individual tour for especially interested guests, for specialist visitors, or for those who have already visited the museum on several occasions. There is time here for explanations in greater depth about the fascinating subject matter covered by the museum: Geology; Palaeontology; Ice Age; Stone Age. What is your favourite section? We readily adapt the tour to suit the particular interests of the visitor. “XL” is ideal for adults.

The course fee is 45.00 €, + the entry fee pro person: 9.00 €
Duration: 1.5 hours

A group is comprised of up to 25 persons . “XL” tours can accommodate 2 groups at the same time.

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Stone Age Introductory Course

This long-running classic is a compact, comprehensive programme especially suitable for school classes dealing with “human evolution.” Following a detailed tour of the ice age and stone age sections, the pupils themselves become active. By participating in the various programmes they can successfully make their own stone amulets, trinkets made from feathers and seashells, flint arrowheads, cave paintings or Oetzi-Muesli. A stone-age fire will then be lit to conclude the course.

The cost of the course for a school class is 62.50 €, + 14.00 € cost for materials (per class), and the entry fee per pupil is 4.00 €. The guided tour is for school classes comprised of up to 33 children. The Stone Age introductory course can accommodate 2 tours at the same time.
Duration: 2.5 hours

When making a booking please remember to have an alternative date ready. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are very popular and reservations are often made a long time in advance. It is easier to book a tour for Monday or Friday - if possible for the afternoon.

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The Stone Age Excursion

Bright children from 5 - 10 years from kindergarten, primary school and after-school care are the target group here. Also club children's groups and holiday programmes.

At the beginning we go to the museum. Geology and the formation of the Alps made easy with earthquakes, the giant shark's mouth and a Bavarian dinosaur. The tour continues with mammoths and cave lions. The tour is crowned with the bear cave and the Stone Age people. The tour continues outdoors. Stations are set up in the Stone Age Garden where visitors can drill and grind, bind, paint and make things on their own. Everything can be tried out. So everyone can find their "favourite work" and of course take home what they have made. After an hour, everyone gathers around the campfire. Here, without guidance, the excursion can be concluded with a snack and good mood.

Important: The course can only be booked from April to October. The practical part takes place outdoors. In all weathers. Please make sure you wear suitable clothing.

The course lasts 2.5 hours. The course fee is 75,00 € + material fee 12,00 € + entrance fee 5,50 € per participant. Attendants are all free. They work with the children and help when necessary. Two courses can take place at the same time, and they gather together around the fire at the end.

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The small programme

A great programme, ideal for families with several children. It is also well suited for special schools or groups of friends.

First we go to visit the museum in an informal way. With mammoths, the Stone Age and the cave bear, the excitement mounts. What happens next? Everything is prepared in the Stone Age workshop. Make your own fortune stones! It takes strength to make the shape fit. Imagination and feeling for the carved (secret) sign. A little patience for the finishing work. More power for the shine - and the amulet, magic or fortune stone is ready. Each one is unique, distinctive and special.

Duration 1.5 hours
Course fee 60.00 € + cost of materials 10.00 € + entry fee 5.50 € per participant.

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